Holistic Nursing

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Motion therapy

Chinese Medicine Exercise Therapy

Chinese medicine nursing is "a practical science that enables the alleviation of symptoms, prevention, treatment, and care of diseases by comprehensively diagnosing the general condition of people (family members) and improving their physical constitution and environment." Hohashi advocates Chinese medicine nursing as a new discipline. There is an urgent need to establish a foundation for theory, practice, education and research of Chinese medicine nursing.

TIRAPY (Traditional Chinese Medicine Exercise Therapy) is "an exercise therapy using a Tiraball, a rubber ball containing 150 steel spheres, developed based on the theory of taiji and qigong. It was advocated in 2016 by Titan Vincent Lam (G for Health, Hong Kong), a taiji therapist. Hohashi has been conducting empirical research on TIRAPY, including studies on the effects of the Tiraball on movement disorders in Parkinson's disease patients.

Published study

  • Hohashi, N. (2019). New TIRAPY system reduced Parkinson’s tremors. Program Book of the 9th Hong Kong International Nursing Forum cum 1st Greater Bay Area Nursing Conference, 78.
  • Hohashi, N., & Lam, T. V. (2019). Beneficial effects on disorders of movement utilizing the newly developed ‘Tiraball’. Abstract book of the NEPRAGuild 2nd Biennial International Conference, 23-24.

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