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Listening therapy

Sound therapy

Sound therapy is "a treatment method to realize human wellbeing through the intentional and systematic use of the function of hearing." It is a therapy based on sound frequencies, for which music therapy, Buddhist chanting, singing bowls, tuning forks, etc., may be prescribed.

It has often been said that "Stress leads to all kinds of illnesses." In modern society it's become virtually impossible to live without exposure to stress. In the fields of health sciences and medicine, much research has been devoted to stress; however the sounds that serve as stressors in clinical and research studies have not been standardized. Based on long years of research into audio sources that have been found to be stressors, Hohashi has produced a collection of therapeutic sounds. For use with the objective of research, white noise and pink noise were recorded. The white noise is noise that sounds like shaaa, to which the same levels of energy have been mixed across the entire frequency spectrum. The pink noise sounds like saaaa, and has been produced so that the higher the frequency, the weaker the energy.

It is hoped the medical sounds produced by Hohashi will serve as an "audible prescription" that provides listeners with healing effects, as well as being useful for research into stress.

Medical sounds: Healing environment sounds and noise (1)

Producer: Naohiro Hohashi, PhD, RN, PHN, FAAN

Sales agent: EDITEX Inc.

Price: ¥2,000 (exclusive of tax) (JAN code: 4580581110276)

Medical Sounds: Goto Islands Geopark Edition

Producer: Naohiro Hohashi, PhD, RN, PHN, FAAN

Price: Free distribution of a WAV file recorded on a CD, transmitted via the internet

Acknowledgment: Production of "Medical Sounds: Goto Islands Geopark Edition" was supported by a 2022 Goto Islands (Shimogoto district) Geopark Activity Support Grant (Goto Islands Geopark Promotion Council).

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  • Hohashi, N., Watanabe, M. & Kijima, N. (2023). Production of a CD with healing sounds recorded from natural environmental sounds in a geopark. Program book of the 43rd Academic Conference of the Japan Academy of Nursing Science, 1100. [In Japanese]

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