Holistic Nursing

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Holistic Nursing

Holistic nursing is defined by Hohashi as "providing care for the human being as a holistic being that encompasses body, mind, and spirit and which exists in relationship with the environment." The purpose is not so much to cure disease but rather to promote healing, with the focus being shifted from doing, such as physical care, to being, such as being there for the patient. This changes the perspective from the care of illness and disease to the wellness of the whole person.

Hohashi has been setting the foundation for holistic nursing through his own experience of spiritual suffering during his life as a practicing healer. Suffering can be "physical, mental, social, or spiritual pain; abstract pain," while pain itself is "physical pain; pain with substance." Thus, for example, rather than spiritual pain there exists spiritual suffering.

Hohashi classifies holistic nursing methods into listening therapy, olfactory therapy, motion therapy, chanting therapy and viewing therapy, for which he has developed specific methods. He also develops and sells original products based on his research results. Since the establishment of Hohashi Lab in 2001, he has been at the forefront of worldwide activities based on the principles of human happiness and world peace through his unflagging efforts to develop holistic nursing.

Naohiro Hohashi, PhD, RN, PHN, FAAN